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Who Has Access to Duplicate Your Key?

Who Has Access to Duplicate Your Key?

Would you be shocked if you discovered dozens of people you didn't know had a key to your house or business? With the regular lock and key systems we've been using for years, it could be true. Fortunately, most people are honest and won't photograph your keys to duplicate them. Nor will they utilize any of the software applications that can do the same thing. But all it takes to lose control of your keys is one crooked person with a hankering for your stuff and a view of your keys. They snap a photo of your keys that you so casually dropped on the table in the coffee shop, then discreetly follow you. Once they know where you live or work, they use the photo of your keys to create duplicates. All the criminal needs now is the opportunity to enter your house or business. 

Also, considering that anyone can present just about any key to a hardware store or kiosk key cutter service and receive a spare, you have no real protection against duplicated keys. The honor system with your family, trusted neighbor or your employees may be all the security you ever need, if you're lucky. But why take that chance? With a patented key and lock system that prevents key duplication, you gain absolute control over who has a key. 

How Does the Patented Key System Work?

When a manufacturer applies for and receives a patent on its lock and key system, no one other than approved licensees may legally use their products for the duration of the patent. The manufacturer can then select, approve, train and license specific locksmiths to sell their patented systems. Buyers of their products also receive a license to use them. Any effort to counterfeit their products will result in a lawsuit from the makers. By restricting the number of licensed outlets, the manufacturer can keep tabs on the end users of their system and who, precisely, receives keys. The locksmith acts as the middle man and service center for the purchasers of the locking systems and key blanks.

For both residential and commercial applications, the authorized key holder will need to present recognized credentials along with the verification card or no key will be made for them.

What if a Key is Lost or Stolen?

At the most basic security level, records are kept on each end user at the end user's home or facility, the manufacturer and maybe with the servicing locksmith. The locksmith will have a key duplicator with a magnetic stripe card reader that will verify the authorization of the presenter to have a key and the codes for that individual key. For both residential and commercial applications, the authorized key holder will need to present recognized credentials along with the verification card or no key will be made for them. This prevents thieves and associates of dishonest employees from ever receiving a duplicate key. The homeowner or dedicated master of an organization's keys will issue and track all the keys and authorized users. Key blanks are highly specialized and unavailable to unapproved dealers. Cutting a new key requires a machine sold by the manufacturer, so general key makers and locksmiths couldn't make a set of duplicated keys even if they wanted to.

Where Do I Find a Distributor of Patented Keys?

Area Safe & Lock Service has served the Alexandria, Virginia area for five decades. As authorized dealers of the Mul-T-Lock products, we can provide you and your family with patented keys that will keep you safe. And if you have any concerns, we would be happy to answer all of your home and business security questions. From padlocks to extensive, electronically-integrated, multi-building high-security plans, Area Safe & Lock Services has the knowledge, experience and staff to make your life safer. To learn more, contact us today.

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