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Locked Out of Your House? Here's What You Need to Do

Locked Out of Your House? Here's What You Need to Do

Almost everyone, at some time or another, has locked themselves out of their house. Unfortunately, it’s usually late at night when you are looking forward to just getting home and relaxing. It is common to panic when trying to look for your house keys, but the first thing to remember is to stay calm. The situation can be a little frustrating, embarrassing and stressful, but it really is important to stay calm, especially if you are considering breaking something in order to gain entry. Here are several tips on what to do if you are locked out of your house.

Check All Possible Entrances

If you have searched through your pockets, handbag and vehicle and still have not found your keys, the first step is to check all possible entrances on your property to make sure there isn’t a way to get in. Check all doors and windows just in case one has been left unlocked or open. If the garage is attached to the house, check the garage doors to see if you can get in through the garage. If your home has a cellar with access to the interior of your home, don’t forget to check for accessibility there, too. 

One last place to check is a pet door. If there is a door for your pet to come in and out of the home, you might be able to squeeze yourself through the door. The next option is to call someone who may have a spare key to your house or try to break in.

How to Break In

If you don’t have any luck with getting in through an open window or can't get in touch with a friend or family member to let you in, you also have the option of breaking in. Be careful, though. Not only can breaking in be dangerous, but depending on how well you know (or more importantly, don't know) your neighbors, someone may call 911 and report a break-in.

Locked out? You can always try the credit card trick. Use a thin, plastic card (one you’re not worried about breaking), and wedge it between the frame and the door. Hold the card flush against the door frame and push it in, bending it away from the doorknob. When you feel the latch slide back, turn the door handle and open the door!

This can be a rough situation to get out of because the police might be hesitant to believe that you are actually breaking into your own house. Be prepared to show them your identification and the deed to your property or rental agreement. Also keep in mind that any damage you do to the house, windows, doors or locks will result in damages you will have to fix later. 

Some of the ways you may be able to break-in include:

  • Use a plastic card. This will work if you have a spring bolt lock, which is a lock that is part of the door handle. It will not work on a dead bolt lock. Using a thin, plastic card (one you’re not worried about breaking), wedge the card between the frame and the door. While holding the card flush against the door frame, push the card in and bend it away from the doorknob. When you feel the latch slide back, turn the door handle and open the door.
  • Break a window. Choose a small window on the door, close to the door or one that you can access the window lock. Break the glass and reach through to unlock the door or window. If breaking glass, make sure to remove enough glass to prevent you from getting injured when sticking your hand through it.
  • Outsmart the chained lock. Open the door to see if you can get your arm through the opening. If so, tie a rubber band or piece of string around the furthest chain from you. Loop the loose end around the door handle and shut the door. The movement should cause the string or rubber band to pull the chain to the side and release it.

The easiest and least dangerous solution is to contact a locksmith. Many locksmiths, such as Area Safe & Lock Service, are available 24-hours a day, so you can safely get inside your home regardless of what time of day it is. When calling a locksmith, it is important to give the correct address, let them know whether you will meet them at your house or another location and be prepared to show identification.

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Whether you have a keyless lock system or deadbolt locks in place, Area Safe & Lock Service can help you get back in when you are locked out of your home. Contact us to learn more about keyless lock systems and/or to arrange for us to get you back in your home.