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5 Must-Know Facts about Burglaries

5 Must-Know Facts about Burglaries

A break-in can result in thousands of dollars of damage and lost property, and that's not something you want to deal with. If you're buffing up on your home's security, you need to know the facts about burglaries rather than following the most common myths. These five important facts and statistics just might surprise you.

Days are More Popular than Nights

There's a popular misconception that burglars only creep around the neighborhood at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Yet the majority of burglaries occur during the afternoon hours instead while people are busy with work, school and social activities. The majority of break-ins fall between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. This means that leaving home in the morning without arming your security system or double-checking your locks could leave you with a bad surprise when you get home.

There are More Break-Ins than You Think

Many people that live in friendly and relatively low-crime neighborhoods assume that a break-in is something that happens elsewhere. However, about two and a half million burglaries are reported to the cops each year in America. This translates to a break-in happening about every 13 seconds or so. No matter where you live or what you own, your home can be targeted by criminals.

There's a popular misconception that burglars only creep around the neighborhood at night or in the wee hours of the morning. But actually, the majority of break-ins happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Experienced Criminals are Fast and Efficient

Even the most advanced security systems with dozens of alarms and sensors can only send a signal to the local police. If it takes 20 minutes for the police to respond to the call, they'll most likely miss the criminals entirely. A burglar with experience and a general knowledge of your home can get in and out within 10 minutes, and many cities and towns simply can't respond that quickly to every distress call. It's better to prevent entry in the first place rather than rely solely on systems that respond after a break-in.

Unlocked Doors and Windows are Common

You'd be shocked at how many burglars can stroll right into a home through an unlocked door. In fact, about 30 percent of all burglaries involve an unlocked window or door. Overlooking such a simple security measure is a shame because it only takes a few minutes each day to double-check your locks before leaving the house. If you keep forgetting, consider an advanced security system that arms window and door locks automatically when you walk out the door.

Weather Matters

Finally, burglars prefer to carry out their crimes when the weather is nice. Crime rates rise across the country in July and August, then reach annual lows in February.

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