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How to Repurpose Your Old Keys

How to Repurpose Your Old Keys

Whether you make a habit of moving every few months or have lived in the same house since childhood, you've likely accumulated quite a few old keys over your life so far. Most homes have at least a handful of unwanted and unnecessary keys lingering in the junk drawer, the original purposes of the keys long forgotten. Not sure what to do with a set of outdated keys that are gathering dust? Get creative and try one of these four ideas:

Hang Curtains

If the keys are all relatively modern and don't offer any particular artistic appeal, try hiding them while making good use of them by weighting your curtains for a straighter hang. Most curtains have a bottom hem that is sewn like a pocket with openings on both sides. Even closed hems can be opened in a corner so you can slip keys into the bottom of each curtain. Distribute them evenly; the little bit of weight will keep them from blowing in the breeze.

Attach to Zipper Pulls

Tired of struggling with your luggage when you've slightly overstuffed a bag? Attach an old key to the zipper pull for more grip and a better hold. Make sure you're not using a key for anything that currently locks. A key from a car that was sent to the junkyard or from a home lock set you removed is a safe choice. You don't want someone to steal your luggage and have a key to your front door all at the same time.

Tired of struggling with your luggage when you've slightly overstuffed a bag? Attach an old key to the zipper pull for more grip and a better hold.

Make a Windchime

With some fishing line, a few other odds and ends and a little patience, you can fashion a handmade windchime out of leftover items, like old keys. The rattling and clanking noises can be improved by adding bits of smooth sea glass, broken ceramics and even small tin cans. Don't forget about adding paint, dried vines for a wreath top and brightly colored ribbons for a cheerful look.

Frame Them

Do your old keys have a lot of memories attached to them? If you're the type of person who can clearly remember each house, car and other locked door you've used earlier in life, try making a memento instead. Pick out a picture frame that can accommodate a mat to ensure the keys will fit between the frame and glass. Choose a scrapbooking paper, photo collage or decorative background, then mount the keys with archival sticky tabs so they can always be removed in the future. Hang it on the wall and share stories with guests and family members alike about each key in the collection.

Want to use your old keys again for new locks? Area Safe and Lock Service is the locksmith for you. We can help you recycle unwanted keys, re-cut them to fit new locks, or give you more tips on recycling them.

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